Saturday, 5 May 2012

Mini top hats: For sale!

Tiny top hats! For your costumes, tea parties and any occasion that calls for itty bitty headgear.

I've lovingly crafted a number of Mini top hats, and have a limited selection of them for sale!
All hats:

  • measures appx. 2.5" tall and 3.25" across the brim.
  • features a firm cardpaper interior
  • Comfortable felt underside.
  • Can include alligator hairclips on the underside for easy attachment if requested (for no extra fee), otherwise will remain flat-bottomed

Let me introduce you to the players first, and information about purchasing will be found at the bottom of the page!
Click each image for larger view.


Achrom. -sold :D
A more formal piece, but don't think you can't have fun with it.
This hat is made with white satin and black floral lace, featuring a black silk flower with a classy button centre, topped off with a pair of 4" black feathers.


A lovely hat for a swanky party.
A sweet, striped fabric accented by a delicate white lace band with a string of faux-pearls to finish it. The back is adorned with an arrangement of white silk flowers, three metal bells and an arch of lace. This hat also features a pair of 4" black feathers.


Perfect for a night out at the carnival, for patron or carnie!
A simple hat with a checkered tartan-like pattern, featuring a ribbon of mini-lace around the brim and two bright red buttons for an exciting splash of colour!


High class and hoity toity meets funky and fun!
A deep teal satin fabric with a ribbon of mini lace accenting the bottom of the hat, with a splash of three feathers (trimmed white, brown/gold and black) set in place by a fancy brooch.


Don't wait for weddings to wear a lacy veil or train!
Made from a heavy black fabric with subtle black pin-striping for added texture to the hat. It also features the white mini lace ribbon around the middle, and a 3" long  lace 'veil' in the back fastened in place by an arrangement of three buttons.


Plume Blanc.
Fluffy angelic feathers and a shocking blue combo!
One of my favourite hats, the plume blanc features a prominent arrangement of white feathers, trimmed into points and fastened into place with a vintage brown button. The plume can be worn at the front or back of the hat for very different styles!


Sunday Picnic.
Tea parties in the park are an excellent way to spend an afternoon.
A classic-looking hat with the black and white checkered fabric and black crocheted lace around the base. It features an arrangement of black and white feathers, as well as a black silk flower.


Time Traveler.
Perfect for a steampunk outfit!
Always know when you are with the time traveler mini top hat! A basic black hat base with accents of white lace, three black feathers appx. 4" long and an arrangement of a small clock-face charm, a small metal wing charm and a splash of colour with the blue button.

Purchase info

Each of these hats are for sale for the paltry sum of $25.00 USD! (paypal ONLY)
(plus shipping costs: $2 Canadian shipping, $4 american and overseas)
They are all one-of-a-kind and will be sold on a first come, first serve basis.

If you would like to purchase one of these small hats, please send an E-mail to with the following information:
  • Which hat you are interested in purchasing
  • Whether you would like it with hair clips or not
  • (optional) would you be interested in a custom mini top hat made to your specifications with the materials I have available?
From there I will provide you with payment information and you will be able to give me your shipping information!
Your hat will then be shipped within 3 days, and in your hot little hands as soon as possible, ready to be worn and loved!

Thank you for reading!




    AN has a "Fashion Swap Meet" to sell
    "Japanese street fashion styles. Styles such as lolita, visual kei, decora, gyaru, cyber, otome, mori girl, dolly kei, fairy kei & seifuku as well as all their substyles are all welcomed. We’d also love to extend a warm welcome to Steampunk fashion lovers as well."

    ... but anyways
    "Can I bring my clothing in a bag to swap with people?

    Yes. But you will need to pay the seller fee of 5$ and need to sign up. Where is this taking place? -In the Terrace Room in the Double Tree. It’s where the maid café is held every year!

    *cough* BRING TOPHATS *cough*

  2. YOU, should update this since you sold a bunch of hats this weekend... also we apparently need to get you more pink and purple fabrics for next year

    Luff thief...uh ...I mean annon-stalker